>>>   Yetişkinler İçin İngilizce Seviye Belirleme Testi

1. ___________ English?



 Are you


 You are

2. No, I _______.


 am not




3. ________ the students


 That are

 That is

 These are

 This is

4. ______ old are you?






5. I haven't got ______ cigarettes.






6. I am listening ________ my teacher.






7. I ________ television now.


 am watched

 am watching

 are watching

 is watch

8. ________ you want a drink?






9. They ________ to this school every day.


 are coming



 is come

10. She dresses very _______.






11. John is ________ in the class.


 more tall

 most tall



12. You _______ see him tonight.






13. I ________ do my homework.


 can to




14. You must pay _______ you begin.






15. My teacher is the ________ .




 better than


16. The windows ________ by the boy.


 did break

 is broken

 was broken

 were broken

17. I asked him if he _______ a good day.


 did had

 had had

 has had

 have had

18. ________ he has finished his work he can go home.


 As soon as




19. He ______ us that he had been to Paris.






20. He asked her whether ________London.


 did she like

 had she liked

 she like

 she liked

21. Do you known if the train ______ ?


 has already left

 is left now

 left since an hour

 went already

22. The garage ______.


 is being rebuilt

 is rebuild

 rebulids as again

 was building

23. He has had to ______.


 be cutting his hair

 been cut his hair

 have his hair cut

 let his hair cut

24. The station is the far away ______ to.


 by walk

 for walking

 to goes on foot

 to walk

25. I'd like ______ English.


 perfecting my


 to can speak

 to improve my

26. If you ______ the box, you will find a present.


 are opening

 be have opened



27. If you were to drop it, it ______.




 will break

 would break

28. Didn't you ______ play tennis?


 have used to

 to use

 use to

 used to

29. My father enjoyed ____ the dinner.



 is cooking

 the cooking

 to cook

30. I was walking along the road when the car ______.




 had crashed

 was crashing

31. Tomorrow you ______ leaving England.


 are going to



 will be

32. By five o'clock he ______ Manchester.


 has arrived

 is arriving

 is reaching

 will have reached

33. These machines ______.


 have to regulate

 need regulated

 need regulating

 need to regulate

34. If all goes well, I ______ home before six o'clock.



 should be

 will have been

 would be

35. If it had been sunny, ı ______ gone out.


 can have

 be have

 will have

 would have

36. Do you know what ______ to do?


 am I required

 I am required

 I am requiring

 I require

37. Don't forget ______ me a newspaper, John.



 that you buy

 to bought

 to buy

38. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ______ to the door.


 is running

 was running

 will run

 would run

39. He is an engineer in ______.


 cotton industrial

 cotton industries

 cotton industry

 the cotton industry

40. Although my sister ______ in the team, we still lost.


 had playing

 was played

 has playing


41. I was very ______ in the story.






42. He advised me ______ the doctor.




 that I see

 to see

43. I ______ travelling by tube.


 am not used to

 didn't used to

 do not use to

 used to

44. He didn`t come home last night. I wish that he ______ .






45. I am going to a wedding. I need to ______.


 be cleaning my suit

 cleaned my suit

 cleaning my suit

 have my suit cleaned

46. Which would you ______ have, gold or silver?






47. My brother has been in hospital. I wonder how he ______.


 gets on

 has got across

 is getting away

 is getting on

48. The man said he did not ______ to walk.


 bothet about

 care for

 mind having

 much mind

49. Although he Confessed to the to the crime, the judge let the boy ______.






50. The students could not answer the question, so she ______.


 gave away

 gave into

 gave off

 gave up





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